The Samsung UN55ES8000 3D LED VS. Sony XBR55HX950 3D LED

The most popular smart TV brand around today is Samsung they have been the TV market leader for many years. Throughout the years other high quality brands like Sony have been catching and creating TV’s that are really attracting smart TV consumers. Today I want to do a comparison between the highly anticipated Samsung UN55ES8000 verses its competitor, the Sony XBR-HX950. Both these two TV’s are currently Samsung and Sony’s flagship smart TV’s.


The Sony smart TV is one of the best LED TV’s on the market today. Sony introduced some nice features on this TV that really made this TV their flagship TV. Many people today have lots of videos that they would love to watch on their beautiful new smart TV but the quality of the video that they have is not HD so they chose not to play it, well Sony came along and created a technology called X-reality pro which is basically improves picture detail in any video you watch, you can watch non-HD movies in higher quality.

Sony For Watching Sports?

Football and baseball are some of the most intense things that people love to watch, with the Sony XBR55HX950 when your watching a game of baseball and you don’t just see some blurry thing going from one side of the screen to the other you see the powerful technology called motion flow XR 960 kick in and show the ball going from one side of the screen to the other instead of just one quick blur it makes your tv experience so much more live and exciting it’s like you are sitting in the crowd at the game.

Many people love this Sony model for one reason, that is the screen quality (it’s superior to Samsung in this way). Most people that know and have seen this TV before will all tell you it is unbelievably clear its insane how far technology has gone with TV’s its almost like your looking out the window with the Sony XBR55HX950, people love it for the picture quality. Sony undoubted has done a phenomenal job on improving the picture/pixel quality for this model. The black levels are very deep that means you get a much more real picture out of the TV the white levels are much brighter also making the picture come to life. Sony has done an incredible job on the color and video processing which takes a lot of work on Sony’s part. In this TV Sony made a full array backlight LED which is great for local dimming. Sony also brought Coning Gorilla Glass on board for this flagship TV which has made the Sony XBR55HX950 much lighter, stronger, and edgeless the whole entire front of the TV is complete glass. Another great feature of corning gorilla glass makes the outside unwanted light ware a way making it a much better and brighter watching experience.

Sony entertainment network is very modern it has 1000s of apps to choose from and movies to play. They have all the great apps that most smart TV’s have today (Samsung has more and is so much ahead when it comes to apps).

Sony has tried to create a great 3D experience with this TV which they call “advance active 3D technology” basically that means they have made it a much more live experience then from years before when watching 3D content, with your 3D glasses on, your experience is breathtaking. But today, no 3D TV has really caught my attention, I find it very distracting to watch 3D content for two reasons:

  1. When your watching a movie with friends you don’t want to be wearing tinted glasses especially if you in a dark room that can get quite annoying time to time.
  2. 3D contact for some reason will always get me dizzy, these two reasons are agreed upon by many smart TV owners so I wouldn’t buy a TV based on the 3D technology.

Samsung: Where Does It Stand?

The new Samsung UN55ES8000 has improved from last year’s model the UN55D8000. Samsung has decided to spice up this year’s TV with some nice features that makes the TV one of the most popular TV’s on the market today. This year’s design is the most stylish design on any smart TV hands down the bezel is only a half an inch. Samsung has also added in a new stand which makes the TV really stand out compared to its competitor. It also has a camera another great feature Samsung added this year making the TV design look like a model.

Smart interaction is something Samsung has added to their great flagship TV this year, this feature allows you to do simple tasks using the front facing camera like for instance if you want to turn up the volume, change the channel and click on things all with your hand motion. This TV also comes with two remotes one simple one and one stylish one that has a track pad that actually quite surprisingly connects with the TV via Bluetooth with makes it a lot more simple so you don’t have to aim the remote at the TV. This track pad remote is made to interact with your TV in anything you do and makes your TV experience a lot more fun.

Today people live on the web whatever their doing weather is browsing the internet for information or watching YouTube. Samsung has created on this TV a full web browser so people can easily surf the web on their TV! In addition, Samsung has added in a dual core processor so things should move faster, web browsing and multi tasking on your TV is incredibly efficient. To some extent you can call this your TV/net book.

Evolution kit is one feature that will always be there to make sure you get your money’s worth out of you TV and to make sure you stay updated with all the settings TV’s will have from years from now. When this update is preformed your TV’s processor will increase in speed it will add more functions to your smart TV all this will help you NOT replace your TV with the future models that will come out in the future.

Like all new smart TV manufacturer’s Samsung created their own technology to help you actually see the football go from one side of the screen to the other side of the screen. Samsung has called it Clear Motion Rate better known as CMR basically what they did was calculate three important things frame, refresh rate, and processor speed these three things make up the clarity for the football that in most TV’s happens to not look like a football but look like one blurry ball going from one side f the screen to the other side. CMR 960 makes the motion on any movie or TV show a lot more real.

How Is The Experience with Samsung? Are There Glares/Reflections?

Samsung improved the picture quality by adding new features to the TV. Ultra clear panel absorbs most unnecessary outside light and allows you to see more of the crisp picture. Many times when your watching the TV you may have slightly hard time watching because there’s a reflection on the screen of the TV, Samsung has created a way to eliminate that reflection so you can see 100% of the TV screen. Samsung added Micro dimming ultimate which maximizes contrast and creates deeper blacks and brighter whites making the Samsung flagship TV have a stunning picture quality.

Many 3D lovers think Samsung TV’s are the best, they create the best 3D experience. Samsung uses active shutter technology making 3D look real and incredibly fun. Samsung’s smart hub is also known to be one of the best app markets amongst Smart TV lovers. Samsung has also created a great smart view mobile app which allows you to control your TV straight from your phone but not only that you can also view live TV that is playing on your smart TV on your actual phone.

So… Which Is Better?

All in all, both of these TVs, the Samsung UN55ES8000 and the Sony XBR-HX950, are great Smart TV’s. The most important difference from both these TV’s is the price. The Sony  goes for a couple of hundred more than the Samsung but the Sony XBR55HX950 does have a few specs that the Samsung flagship TV doesn’t have (which gives it a higher watching experience . While you also don’t get the great web browsing experience as the Samsung smart TV. The bottom line is if you’re a person that’s uses a smart TV for all the apps and different interfaces then you probably will be more happy with the Samsung smart TV but if you are into picture quality and watching anything with incredible depth/clarity (with deep blacks and bright whites) the Sony TV is probably the way to go.

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