Exactly What Is a Smart TV?

Smart TV concepts have been around for nearly 2 decades. However, it has only been within the last 4 to 5 years that many of the features it provides have shown up in commercial television sets.

Nearly every type of Smart TV has basic components including the ability to connect to the Internet for web browsing and social networking. In fact, it is the connectivity that allows for online media streaming to share content on the large TV screen.

Internet Features

Based on the specific make and model of the television set, your smart TV might have direct access to social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google plus and others. In fact, you can likely tap into instant messaging (IM) applications including Skype, to make video/audio or audio-only phone calls using the Internet, instead of land lines or smart phones.

VOD (video-on-demand) services is likely the most popular feature utilized on Smart TVs. VOD provides consumer access to hundreds of thousands of television shows, music and movies through a variety of providers including Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Rhapsody and others.


Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store and others have become extremely popular on Smart TVs. In addition, Samsung, Panasonic and others have taken the original concept of online applications to the next level. Households now have access to thousands of downloadable video games through all of these available online apps.

DVR/PVR Functionality

Many Smart TVs come with DVR/PVR functionality. This gives the consumer the ability to control the scheduling, and recording, a favorite shows without requiring a separate device.

Voice & Gesture Control

Embedded remote control devices and smart phone technology now enable the consumer to control the television set from nearly anywhere in the room without using a standard remote control. The consumer only needs to wave their hand or shout a command at the TV.

Video Playback

Many Smart TVs have the capability of video playback over USB/DLNA. This basic level feature has been available for many years, although the format support has varied. Older Smart TVs utilize USB technology. However, it was restricted to FAT32 format drives. Today’s DLNA streaming technology can connect the Smart TV to a server machine and convert the streaming information to show it on the large screen.

A Smart TV tends to be more expensive than units without the capabilities it provides. However, in many incidences, the higher price tag is well worth it.

Samsung UE55F8000

samsung-UE55F8000-review-curvedSamsung, undisputed “King of Smart TVs,” introduces the 55 inch LED UE55F8000 to kick start the new smart TV season. A brand new multiple home screen interfaces takes advantage of your viewing history and educates itself on what you enjoy watching, and provides suggestions based on your preferences.

That feature may not be new, but Samsung revamps the feature and generously boosts it with a staggering amount of customizable options. This is a thumb up for TV techies, but a red flag for simple folk who prefer a simple TV experience. This smart TV is definitely premium for those who think “more is better.”

Some other benefits include a quad-core processor (3.5x faster than previous models, great for multitasking) and an improved backlight function. In the past, Samsung struggled with backlight inconsistency due to the fact that its picture quality was constantly shifting. Not any more – a high grade panel and advanced microdimming combination raise the value on this model.

When evaluating the efficiency of the Apps menu, we’ve also noticed improvements. Navigation is nothing less than pulchritudinous, and searching for apps has never been easier. Many Samsung fans have been complaining about this aspect for a few years. It’s about time Samsung finally put a band-aid on this scab to level it up to par with its competition.

Overall, we are looking at stunning design and incredible picture quality. The touchpad remote control is impressive, and the online features are highly sophisticated. The problem is, this smart interface can easily confuse those who aren’t “tech-savvy.” The hardware department can also use a hammer and a few nails, as the stand design is outrageously wide. Before buying this TV, take a look at the pros and cons and weigh the scale for yourself.


From having it myself…

Also http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/televisions/plasma-and-lcd-tvs/samsung-ue55f8000-1124078/review

And: http://youtu.be/j1bzRFYknoY

New 4K technology brings Smart TV’s to a whole new level

Sony XBR-65X900A 65-Inch 120Hz 3D LED 4K Ultra HDTV


Readers, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s been a while since an innovative breakthrough has streaked through the smart TV market, and Sony’s XBR-65X900A smart TV brings that innovation to life with brand new 4K technology.

What makes this smart TV different than its competitors is the suitcase of 4K technology benefits that Sony has packed for the flight of entertainment. Now to answer the question brimming at the end of our tongues:

What exactly is 4K technology?

4K technology is a display resolution of 3860×2160 pixels within the same ratio as standard HDTV. Advocated by the NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories (see (a) and (b)), this resolution is part of the UHDTV standard Sony hinted to in 2008.

Taking advantage of the 4K technology, this weapon wielded by this smart TV powerhouse means four times more detail than full 1080HP. Other benefits of this particular TV include:

  • Explosive 65-watt front speakers
  • TRILUMINOS display with more colors than one can possibly imagine
  • Incredible contrast in a DynamicEdge LED setting
  • 4K X-Reality PRO Picture Engine which improves scaling up to 4K
  • 55” or 65” display so you can see the big picture as a big picture

Combined with 4K technology, this smart TV is a definite 5-star buy, and is recommended for anybody looking to experience a mind-blowing home theater with 4K technology (and willing to shell out the few extra bucks to do so. It’s worth it!).



(a)    http://www.itu.int/net/pressoffice/press_releases/2012/31.aspx


Can You Get A Better Deal On The 128GB SSD?

It is possible that you have realized the importance and usefulness of the 128GB solid state drive and you want to get your HDD replaced with the SSD? You can easily get this done. It is not difficult at all to get the SSD installed on your computer and get the computer up and running with this drive. One area where you may face some challenges is in the area of the 128GB SSD price.

The issue of price

The truth of the matter is that the 128GB SSD is considerably expensive. It is even more expensive than the HDD that is very common to all. Most outlets sell the product for as high as $1000. This is a far cry from what you will need to purchase a HDD. The 128GB price is one of the discouraging factors about it. - http://www.amazon.com/Crucial-128GB-2-5-Inch-9-5mm-CT128M4SSD2/dp/B004W2JKZI

Factors responsible for the high price

The high price should not be surprising at all to anyone. This is because the 128GB SSD has quite a lot to offer to your computer. By the time you consider the values and the qualities that are embedded into it; you will discover that it can really add a lot of pluses to the way your computer operates and stores data.

How to get better pricing

In case you want to buy the 128GB SSD, you don’t always need to buy at very expensive rate since you can just go with Amazon. There are things you can do that will enable you to purchase it cheaply enough. You can seek to make your purchase in bulk and you can be sure of a cheaper price. Before you make your purchase, consider several sites that are offering it for sale. You should be able to come across one or two sites that will offer the product at considerably cheap rate.

Samsung UN46F6400 1080p 120Hz 3D Slim Smart LED HDTV

In a nutshell – what makes this HDTV hot and why it’s not

The smart TV community gave the Samsung UN46F6400 the nickname of “rubber band” shortly after it was released. The nickname isn’t necessarily derogatory, as it is a ‘go-to tv’ recommended by many on a variety of topic-related forums. The question is: How did this model achieve its own nickname status, and why the ‘rubber band?’

It’s unknown who exactly came up with the nickname, but it’s pretty clear why it came to fruition. One word comes to mind: Flexibility. Many people can be very indecisive when shopping for smart TVs in the screen size department. UN46F6400 is available in 40, 46, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 75 inch options, so it attracts many customers who are torn between different models because of their sizing options.

Slim and portable, yet large and radiant, this TV has the qualities which meet “quality smart TV standards” – 1080p HDTV, 120Hz refresh rate (which makes this good for video games, sports, and anything else in which every frame makes a difference), voice control, and requires a stand to be purchased separately – Go over some of the Amazon reviews for some information from consumers.

The fact that it is micro dimming helps form on-screen images to be crisper and toned (for example, if the image is dark but has brighter elements, it won’t affect image quality). The fact that this TV is good for practical functions without getting too deep into any specific feature, combined with the size and resolution customizations give good reason for the ‘rubber band’ to be a common conversation starter among smart TV critics.

NEW Samsung’s Latest Smart TV Announced for Release + Upgrade Your Older Model From Home

Smartsung is on the list of credible smart TV manufacturer’s, and it’s been a good minute since they’ve released one that can top the competition. This model has been their showcase earlier at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and by far was the most impressive in the lot.

What does this new line offer? It caught our interest when we heard the announcement of an 85 inch floating wall S9 UHD TV the moment of its debut. As expensive as a car, this model is MSRP for $39,999.

Samsung innovated its SmartHub, which is a new platform that boasts five differentiating panels for content navigation. Each of the panels display what’s currently playing on TV, as well as both movies and TV available from currently installed apps. Personal and social content is also used to influence the contents of the panels. Recommendations for Netflix, Hulu, and even cable are displayed based on the users past viewing history.

Another treat Samsung is spicing up their new TV’s with is expanded memory and a quad-core chipset. The Smart Evolution Kit is something Samsung also mentioned, which grants the ability to upgrade pre-existing TV hardware. If you own a Samsung SmartTV as old as 2012, your HDTV will have come with an expansion slot. That expansion slot can be a hub for the Smart Evolution Kit, which expands 2012’s dual-core CPU TV to quad-core and extra memory space.

The most favorable part of all is the fact that Samsung is allowing you to upgrade a TV you bought last year. Just like buying cars, new models come out every year which top last years. Instead of making a one year old SmartTV seem obsolete, Samsung’s Evolution Kit let’s you upgrade what you have to match the new release. Samsung will now be manufacturing SmartTV’s with an expansion slot regardless of the model so when 2014 rolls around, it can be easily upgraded to match. The Evolution Kit is priced at $299, which is surprisingly low considering the price difference of SmartTV’s with dual-core and quad-core processors on their own.


Cnet Reviews
Official Samsung website
It will be available on Amazon.


LG 42LS5700 for your Home

LG 42LS5700The LG 42LS5700 has all of the basic features you’d expect from a Smart TV. Running at around $800, if you’re going to pay a pretty penny for a TV it’s best to make sure it has exactly what you’re looking for in a Smart TV. There is enough of a variety on the market for you to be able to dump your cash load on the TV that suits you best.

You can watch movies and TV shows, browse throughout countless websites and TV programming, which is what practically everybody expects in a Smart TV. There are over one thousand apps available, and if you’re looking to buy a TV for the internet capabilities, then this is a good find. It’s got everything a modern TV should have:

  • Through wifi you can view files (like pics/video) from your smart phone or computer
  • Uses TruMotion 120Hz technology which means fast-moving objects will be seen clearly without any blur
  • Is available in 3 different sizes: 55″, 47″, 42″ that all use Edge LED

The main problem we found with it lies within the remote – it doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard. It works with a built-in motion sensor. Typing in the search bar is so much easier when you can input keyboard style, and instead you have to wave your arm furiously just to type in a search query.

If you can look past that con (every TV has one con or another), then this TV suits all of your needs. The remote is pretty much the make-it-or-break-it with this model. Learn more about it at Amazon, check up some of the reviews.

Are Samsung Smart TV’s Worth the Price?

Are Samsung Smart TV’s Worth the Price?

It is truly amazing just how much technology has changed in the last few years and perhaps nowhere is that truer than in the world of televisions. Most of us probably remember the first time we saw a “flat screen TV”, and now that is all there is. Having a television that is 40”, 50”, or bigger isn’t even considered a luxury anymore! So, if you are getting ready to look into the latest technology in the television world, then you should take a look at the Samsung Smart TV’s.

What Exactly Are Samsung Smart TV’s?

These televisions come in five primary sizes – 40 inches, 46 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, and 60 inches, and in various resolutions. What this means is that there is a television in your price range that will also fit the room that you have available. The “smart” in the name refers to the fact that these televisions are much more than just a simple television. In many ways, they incorporate many other aspects of your home in one device.

Why Are They So Different?

The first thing that makes these so different from previous models is the Smart Content. This television, when connected to your home’s Wi-Fi system, will allow you to head on over to Facebook, watch YouTube videos, or watch content that you have stored on other devices in your home. There is a built-in web browser, and basically anything that you can do on the web, you can do on this television.

In addition, many of the Samsung Smart TV’s are voice controlled, so you can verbally search for content or for shows, tell it to change the station, ask it to find something online for you, or even switch over to content that is being viewed or stored in another room in your home. So, this is like having a DVR, an entire library of content, and access to the internet all on one machine.

Samsung Smart TV’s can be mounted on the wall or on a stand and are also incredibly easy to set up. Once you plug this in to an electrical outlet, it will essentially walk you through all of the set-up process, including hooking you up to your Wi-Fi, setting up your log-in credentials for all of the services, and showing you how to use it.

What Will You Read in the Reviews for Samsung Smart TV’s?

One thing that you will notice in many of the reviews for these televisions is that a lot of people are somewhat surprised by how easy this is to set up, in spite of the fact that it is so technologically advanced. So, even if you don’t have a lot of experience in networking or computers in general, you can still get this up and running in a matter of minutes in most cases.

“This is a great TV – lightweight, nice picture, tons of features, and surprisingly nice sound. It is exactly what I was looking for and I am really happy with this purchase.”

-          Kerry, Amazon.com

“I just purchased this and could not be happier. Setting up the Wi-Fi and the apps is flawless and effortless. The picture quality is outstanding.”

-          Lisa, Amazon.com

What Else Should You Know About These?

When you go looking at Samsung Smart TV’s at your local electronics store, you should know full well going into the store that you can definitely get a much better deal online. The truth is that even when your local store is having a sale, they are usually marking up the televisions to the highest price possible before the sale, making it appear like you are getting more money off than you really are. When you go online, you will see exactly what the retail price is supposed to be and you shouldn’t be surprised to see that you can save an enormous amount of money on some of the latest Samsung Smart TV’s – even when you include the shipping cost.

When you buy online (see Amazon), you will get the same level of coverage in terms of guarantee that you would get locally, and many retailers are now shipping for a highly discounted rate, or even free in some instances, which is more than can be said for your local electronics store.

Is This the TV That You Should Buy?

It is rare that a piece of technology that is so user friendly to use is also so user friendly to set up, but that is exactly how Samsung Smart TV’s are designed. Even if you can barely navigate your way on your own computer, you will find that this is extremely easy to use, and the quality of both sound and video on this television is well worth the price and considerably less than competing models that don’t have this level of technology.




With the new year came the newest technology for flat screen televisions. Offering more vivid colors, deeper blacks, and strikingly slender composition is the OLED TV. OLED means organic light-emitting diode to reference the material used to create the immaculate picture the television offers. The OLED TV utilizes organic substances that glow when they come into contact with an electric current. The result of this technology is a screen that is only 4 millimeters thick, compared to the 15 millimeter width of a conventional flat screen television, beautiful high definition color and clarity, and a large 55-inch screen.

With this technology LED’s are cheaper like this 32 inch LED Samsung, over the next few years OLED TV’s are expected to drastically drop in price by up to 60 percent as the technology becomes mass produced.

Furthering the appeal of OLED televisions is that they are compatible with the newest innovations in television watching, as well as your current Blu-Ray player and streaming device. The OLED TVs offer a 3D display, such as with LG’s LG Cinema 3D that provides consumers with battery-free glasses, high quality 3D viewing, and 2D to 3D conversion capability. OLED televisions are also Smart TVs, offering the ability to tap into the internet for gaming, movies, and apps. Many smart TVs come with a customizable interface for personalized function.

OLED televisions are available through a wide variety of companies. Voted the Best TV of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 is the Sony 4K UHD TV, a television that utilizes OLED and 4K technologies. Also quickly approaching shelves is the LG 55EM9600 OLED TV 55 Inch. This LG television is already available in some countries and features a voice-interaction Magic Remote. Another popular model is the Samsung 55 Inch OLED TV. This OLED drew plenty of fans at the CES with its ability to simultaneously show different 3D content to two people at the same time on the same screen. The individualized 3D glasses also provide the audio for each viewer. Sony and Panasonic are also offering models of OLED televisions. If you are looking for the vivid picture, lightweight frame, and features the OLED television technology has to offer, you will have quite a few options to choose from.

Difference between LED and OLED is explained at NBC News.

The Samsung UN55ES8000 3D LED VS. Sony XBR55HX950 3D LED

The most popular smart TV brand around today is Samsung they have been the TV market leader for many years. Throughout the years other high quality brands like Sony have been catching and creating TV’s that are really attracting smart TV consumers. Today I want to do a comparison between the highly anticipated Samsung UN55ES8000 verses its competitor, the Sony XBR-HX950. Both these two TV’s are currently Samsung and Sony’s flagship smart TV’s.


The Sony smart TV is one of the best LED TV’s on the market today. Sony introduced some nice features on this TV that really made this TV their flagship TV. Many people today have lots of videos that they would love to watch on their beautiful new smart TV but the quality of the video that they have is not HD so they chose not to play it, well Sony came along and created a technology called X-reality pro which is basically improves picture detail in any video you watch, you can watch non-HD movies in higher quality.

Sony For Watching Sports?

Football and baseball are some of the most intense things that people love to watch, with the Sony XBR55HX950 when your watching a game of baseball and you don’t just see some blurry thing going from one side of the screen to the other you see the powerful technology called motion flow XR 960 kick in and show the ball going from one side of the screen to the other instead of just one quick blur it makes your tv experience so much more live and exciting it’s like you are sitting in the crowd at the game.

Many people love this Sony model for one reason, that is the screen quality (it’s superior to Samsung in this way). Most people that know and have seen this TV before will all tell you it is unbelievably clear its insane how far technology has gone with TV’s its almost like your looking out the window with the Sony XBR55HX950, people love it for the picture quality. Sony undoubted has done a phenomenal job on improving the picture/pixel quality for this model. The black levels are very deep that means you get a much more real picture out of the TV the white levels are much brighter also making the picture come to life. Sony has done an incredible job on the color and video processing which takes a lot of work on Sony’s part. In this TV Sony made a full array backlight LED which is great for local dimming. Sony also brought Coning Gorilla Glass on board for this flagship TV which has made the Sony XBR55HX950 much lighter, stronger, and edgeless the whole entire front of the TV is complete glass. Another great feature of corning gorilla glass makes the outside unwanted light ware a way making it a much better and brighter watching experience.

Sony entertainment network is very modern it has 1000s of apps to choose from and movies to play. They have all the great apps that most smart TV’s have today (Samsung has more and is so much ahead when it comes to apps).

Sony has tried to create a great 3D experience with this TV which they call “advance active 3D technology” basically that means they have made it a much more live experience then from years before when watching 3D content, with your 3D glasses on, your experience is breathtaking. But today, no 3D TV has really caught my attention, I find it very distracting to watch 3D content for two reasons:

  1. When your watching a movie with friends you don’t want to be wearing tinted glasses especially if you in a dark room that can get quite annoying time to time.
  2. 3D contact for some reason will always get me dizzy, these two reasons are agreed upon by many smart TV owners so I wouldn’t buy a TV based on the 3D technology.

Samsung: Where Does It Stand?

The new Samsung UN55ES8000 has improved from last year’s model the UN55D8000. Samsung has decided to spice up this year’s TV with some nice features that makes the TV one of the most popular TV’s on the market today. This year’s design is the most stylish design on any smart TV hands down the bezel is only a half an inch. Samsung has also added in a new stand which makes the TV really stand out compared to its competitor. It also has a camera another great feature Samsung added this year making the TV design look like a model.

Smart interaction is something Samsung has added to their great flagship TV this year, this feature allows you to do simple tasks using the front facing camera like for instance if you want to turn up the volume, change the channel and click on things all with your hand motion. This TV also comes with two remotes one simple one and one stylish one that has a track pad that actually quite surprisingly connects with the TV via Bluetooth with makes it a lot more simple so you don’t have to aim the remote at the TV. This track pad remote is made to interact with your TV in anything you do and makes your TV experience a lot more fun.

Today people live on the web whatever their doing weather is browsing the internet for information or watching YouTube. Samsung has created on this TV a full web browser so people can easily surf the web on their TV! In addition, Samsung has added in a dual core processor so things should move faster, web browsing and multi tasking on your TV is incredibly efficient. To some extent you can call this your TV/net book.

Evolution kit is one feature that will always be there to make sure you get your money’s worth out of you TV and to make sure you stay updated with all the settings TV’s will have from years from now. When this update is preformed your TV’s processor will increase in speed it will add more functions to your smart TV all this will help you NOT replace your TV with the future models that will come out in the future.

Like all new smart TV manufacturer’s Samsung created their own technology to help you actually see the football go from one side of the screen to the other side of the screen. Samsung has called it Clear Motion Rate better known as CMR basically what they did was calculate three important things frame, refresh rate, and processor speed these three things make up the clarity for the football that in most TV’s happens to not look like a football but look like one blurry ball going from one side f the screen to the other side. CMR 960 makes the motion on any movie or TV show a lot more real.

How Is The Experience with Samsung? Are There Glares/Reflections?

Samsung improved the picture quality by adding new features to the TV. Ultra clear panel absorbs most unnecessary outside light and allows you to see more of the crisp picture. Many times when your watching the TV you may have slightly hard time watching because there’s a reflection on the screen of the TV, Samsung has created a way to eliminate that reflection so you can see 100% of the TV screen. Samsung added Micro dimming ultimate which maximizes contrast and creates deeper blacks and brighter whites making the Samsung flagship TV have a stunning picture quality.

Many 3D lovers think Samsung TV’s are the best, they create the best 3D experience. Samsung uses active shutter technology making 3D look real and incredibly fun. Samsung’s smart hub is also known to be one of the best app markets amongst Smart TV lovers. Samsung has also created a great smart view mobile app which allows you to control your TV straight from your phone but not only that you can also view live TV that is playing on your smart TV on your actual phone.

So… Which Is Better?

All in all, both of these TVs, the Samsung UN55ES8000 and the Sony XBR-HX950, are great Smart TV’s. The most important difference from both these TV’s is the price. The Sony  goes for a couple of hundred more than the Samsung but the Sony XBR55HX950 does have a few specs that the Samsung flagship TV doesn’t have (which gives it a higher watching experience . While you also don’t get the great web browsing experience as the Samsung smart TV. The bottom line is if you’re a person that’s uses a smart TV for all the apps and different interfaces then you probably will be more happy with the Samsung smart TV but if you are into picture quality and watching anything with incredible depth/clarity (with deep blacks and bright whites) the Sony TV is probably the way to go.

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